Digital collaging is my form of brainstorming, sketching and organizing ideas. I use images from my archive which include pitures I have taken, images from the internet, social media, and images my family exchanges with one another.

It is important for me to use a combination of different sources at once to create a visual space that is both personal to myself, but relatable to the viewer- be it a landscape, a phrase, food, etc.

Working with collages are both a starting point and a finishing point. They exist entirely without the paintings that they give birth to. They live separately and together simultaenously.

I go through a number of failed attempts that help me reach an image that I feel comfortable with. I follow what the images tell me do.

See Archive to have an idea on the images and visual information that I use as references- and inspire my work. (332).png (327).png (325).png (326).png (324).png (331).png (330).png is_____v2.png en la iglesa chivo_v2.jpg en la iglesa chivo 2_v2.jpg en la iglesa chivo 3_v2.jpg en la iglesa chivo 4_v2.jpg que come con cuchara con guto.jpg de campo living con mare_v2.jpg de campo living_v2.jpg en el limonal_v2.jpg tropicales-Recovered 2_v2.png tropicales-Recovered_v2.png tropicales 1_v2.png de campo living 5.jpg de campo living 3.jpg de campo living 2_v2.jpg de campo living 4_v2.jpg (305).png vuelve.png actualy live where you vacation.png actualy live where you vacation 4 final.png actualy live where you vacation 3.png actualy live where you vacation 2.png